Israel Fired Missiles, Three Intercepted Near Damascus — Syrian State TV

According to war monitor, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Israel has once again fired missiles at a Syrian army site near Damascus on Monday.

"The explosions were accompanied by flashes. believed to be caused regime's air defence launching its missiles to intercept the [Israeli] missiles and prevent them from hitting their targets", the Observatory added.

At least seven structures, that appear to be barracks and garages, were destroyed in the airstrike, while another three were damaged.

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"The Observatory learned that the targets are warehouses and locations belong to the regime forces and their allies".

There was no comment from Israel, which rarely confirms the strikes it conducts inside Syria.

Satellite images show the Israeli Air Force targeted suspected Iranian bases in three villages outside of the capital city.

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A satellite photo showing last weekend's alleged Israeli strike on a purported Iranian military base that was under construction in Syria.

Syria's foreign ministry sent officials complaints to the UN on Tuesday, demanding action in response to what they claimed were joint Israeli-rebel attacks on military facilities near Damascus in recent days, the official SANA news agency reported.

Following the strikes, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he won't allow Iran to "entrench" in Syria.

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Israel says Iran is seeking to open a new front against Israel on the Syrian-Israeli border.

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