Mega Man 11, Mega Man X collections announced

Capcom announced that it's developing Mega Man 11 for release next year to celebrate the 30th birthday of the hugely popular game character. The Mega Man X collection will be released in summer 2018 on the same systems as 11. In turn, Capcom has tried to honor Mega Man in many different ways. That will launch on Nintendo Switch as well as all other current-gen consoles. They've inserted him into various fighting games, given him his own Legacy Collection, and today had a livestream in his honor. We are currently in development of Mega Man 11. However, only time will tell because the developer needs to make sure the controls are precise more than anything else.

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El día de ayer, 3 de diciembre, se cumplieron 25 años del primer mensaje de texto , o SMS , en la historia. Si bien su popularidad vino mucho despues, el primer mensaje de texto se envió en el año 1992.

Mega Man Legacy Collection contains the first Mega Man game through Mega Man 6. Hit the jump to see the trailer. It will release in 2018 for all major platforms. In these assets, players can also see the hero's new look and take note of how he takes on characteristics of defeated Robot Masters when wielding their weapons. "Of course, they will also have amiibo support, so please look forward to it". After some fond words from members of those games' staff, an 8-bit video began to run showing off where the Blue Bomber's been throughout each of those years. The X series introduced features such as powerful armor upgrades and wall-jumping, with more mature themes in this action platforming series. This is an exciting time to be a fan of Capcom's beloved hero.

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