Apple Fires Back at Qualcomm in Countersuit

In the latest escalation of the almost year-long legal battle, Qualcomm filed three complaints Wednesday in U.S. District Court alleging violations on 16 different Qualcomm patents by Apple, some related to RF transceivers and power-saving measures, some related to multi-touch displays and some related to the innovations of Palm.

These lawsuits allege that Apple is infringing 16 Qualcomm patents with the iPhone 7, 8, and X that run on AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA, as well as the bigger-screened Plus models. In this case, infringing devices are the iPhone X and iPhone 8 models that use non-Qualcomm modems.

Apple upped the ante in its legal feud with Qualcomm over patent royalties on Wednesday by accusing the San Diego company of infringing on eight Apple patents related to extending battery life in smartphones.

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The 16 patents in question relate to technologies ranging from RF transceivers and power-saving measures, multi-touch displays and, er, the user interface designed by Palm. Qualcomm has already asked the ITC for an injunction on the iPhone 7 and iPad models it claims are infringing on its patents.

Apple at the time defended its self against Qualcomm's claim about violating patents relating to battery life by claiming that those patents were invalid. The chipmaker has also sought unspecified damages and fees.

"You can't react that quickly to file lawsuits", Rosenberg said. Qualcomm filed a suit of its own the same day. The report also added that Apple will ditch Qualcomm and may use modem chips from Intel and MediaTek while designing iPhones and iPads for 2018. However, the company refused to comment on three new complaints. In the latest suit, Apple has accused Qualcomm of violating its patent around the smartphone power management.

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The Apple patents involve ensuring each part of a phone's processor draws only the minimum power needed, turning off parts of the processor when they are not needed and making sleep and wake functions work better. If the processor chip giant had its way, iPhone Xs from these carriers could be banned.

The research firm estimates that Apple has sold more than 15 million iPhone X devices since the November 3 launch.

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