EA makes 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' heroes easier to earn amid backlash

You can participate in the most famous battles of the saga, fly around in the coolest spacecrafts and step into the shoes of your favorite heroes.

This is a setup for hardcore fans. His biggest issue, though, was also the progression system.

Make sure to check back on this Starfighter Assault guide in the future, as we'll have all the latest tips, tricks, and helpful information for you as we approach the full launch of Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Reddit users on the page r/StarWarsBattlefront flooded the site over the weekend with comments disparaging the difficulty of unlocking certain characters to be used in the game and vowing to boycott the title upon its official release Friday.

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This morning, EA announced they were cutting the amounts required to unlock heroes by 75% in response to player feedback. The problem is, this story doing the rounds is a bit misleading.

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"WOAH, they're really mad about the unlock costs".

The post, which appeared on Reddit and quickly rose up the ranks as the most popular post on the game's Subreddit, showed a page with game orders that would traditionally feature a refund button next to them. They don't care about that.

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The headset is not super-comfortable, which limits how long you may want to play, but the game itself is stunning.

However, it's just as impossible to ignore how far Swedish studio DICE has improved on the 2015 original. It's been revealed that gamers will have to undertake an eye-watering 40 hours of gameplay before they're given the chance to unlock the aforementioned characters. Players in this case would need to contact customer service to reverse the order.

It adds that EA determined the in-game credit cost of heroes based on data from the open beta and more. Reddit gave them everything they wanted for free.

In a blog post this morning addressing player feedback from the Reddit meltdown, Battlefront II developer DICE's John Wasilczyk explained that they'd heard player feedback and updated the game to better reflect player expectations, claiming that "Change will be a constant in Star Wars Battlefront II".

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