Trump picks former pharmaceutical executive as new health secretary

Former U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Deputy Secretary Alex Azar was nominated by President Donald Trump Monday to lead the department as secretary, a post left vacant by the departure of Tom Price in September.

The White House just named Alex Azar as its new nominee for secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. "During Azar's tenure as president and vice president, Eli Lilly raised the price of Humalog by 345 percent from $2,657.88 per year to $9,172.80 per year".

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"There will be a piece of legislation passes this year that is called 'the repeal of Obamacare, ' " Azar said.

'If the president is looking for an experienced, competent conservative who is confirmable, Alex would be a great choice, ' said his former boss, HHS secetary Mike Leavitt.

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Trump has gone after drug companies in the past, as he did in October, on this very issue. Trump said in a tweet Monday.

If confirmed, Azar would be tasked with attempting to roll back drug prices and overseeing Medicare and Medicaid programs, and implementing the controversial Affordable Care Act- legislation that Trump has promised to repeal while on the campaign trail but has been unsuccessful since he took office after Congress repeatedly failed to pass a series of repeal-and-replace bills. Abortion is not healthcare, and in Obamacare, we've seen Americans coerced into the service of the abortion industry, through mandates and coverage that force people to comply with an anti-life agenda or face the force of law. "As a former HHS Deputy Secretary and General Counsel, and former life sciences executive, Mr. Azar is uniquely equipped to work with HHS' umbrella agencies in AHRQ, CMS, FDA and HRSA to tackle independent and cross agency thorny policy issues requiring tough talk and action". We deliver a balanced viewpoint, informed substance, and tested solutions to help our clients make winning strategic and reimbursement decisions, meeting the challenges of the healthcare system as they exist today, and tomorrow. Last month, it proposed a rule giving states more flexibility over the benefits that must be covered by insurance.

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