EA lowers Battlefront II hero costs amid fan backlash

Star Wars fans have reacted with anger after it emerged that they'll have to spend quite a bit of time playing Star Wars: Battlefront II if they want to unlock some of the classic characters from the iconic franchise without paying for them.

The decision has provoked such intense anger from fans that EA's subsequent attempt to justify it became the most down voted comment in Reddit history.

Battlefront II features a single-player story mode - which lets you take control of a member of the Empire - but the controversy has surrounded its multiplayer. Some players are in disbelief about just how much EA has made this game about money, and others online boast "We knew they were going to botch it like this all along". In the case of Darth Vader, the price tag is 60,000 credits, which requires around a 40-hour investment, according to player estimates.

"This is a joke". The theory goes that this is to discourage you from cancelling the order because the process is too time-consuming.

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But once you get into the meat of the game, there is a lot more to unpack than it first appears.

"This is a cop-out answer". Do you think they were necessary? Which means, even with the discount, that it'll take fans 10 hours of in-game time to unlock Luke or Vader.

"You're at a disadvantage, in some ways, for unlocking for yourself something that's a major drawcard for the game", she said.

Fans had criticized how well-known heroes available by default in the first Star Wars: Battlefront needed to be unlocked in the sequel, and how hard it was to earn enough credits to do so. "Based on what we've seen in the trial, this amount will make earning these heroes an achievement, but one that will be accessible for all players".

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But the concerns about Battlefront II's micropayments system go beyond this issue. The fans were thrilled until gamers realized loot boxes gave players that bought it advantages so many gamers said Battlefront 2 is a pay to win. So, expect better hero prices when the game arrives on November 17.

"That's more fundamental, and unfortunately hasn't been entirely fixed". In a more conciliatory tone, EA said it will be "making constant adjustments to ensure that players have challenges that are compelling, rewarding, and of course attainable via gameplay".

The problem was not the fact that gaining access to the characters required microtransactions that involved in-game currency or real money, as the trend has been prevalent in the video game industry.

"But they're not considered bad because they don't affect gameplay".

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The news comes hot on the heels of one of the biggest backlashes from the gaming community to occur for a while, over the cost Battlefront 2's loot boxes.

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