We support Afghan-led peace process: US defense chief

The US wants to make sure that there are no terrorist safe havens in Pakistan and is working with all NATO members and India to make Islamabad do everything to cut the insurgents off, US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis has said.

The gap, said Gen. John Nicholson, top U.S. commander for Afghanistan, has contributed to the lowest level of capabilities and the "highest level of risk we faced" in the 16-year war...

"You can see from the public statements of the US president and the US leadership a message we are delivering to the Pakistanis is they need to work with us against these terrorists who are threatening peace in Afghanistan", Nicholson said.

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"We're engaging a whole-of-government effort".

"This is an international effort and not just an American alone effort", Mattis added.

Two diplomats said that at this stage, the United States is likely to provide 2,800 troops, while non-U.S. NATO allies and partners will send an additional 700 troops, potentially making up a 3,500-strong personnel increase.

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He said the resolute support mission would be extended until 2020. At the NATO defence ministerial meeting, Mattis said he and his colleagues were "orchestrating" their fight against terror and the next steps from Afghanistan to the Middle East.

Top US commander in Afghanistan said Taliban has suffered twice casualties in compare with the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) on the battlefields; therefore, he said the group has started a series of suicide attacks on cities. Specifically to Afghanistan, the reconciliation remains the political goal of NATO's military campaign and our comprehensive approach, Mattis said, adding that the Reconciliation must be Afghan-led, with an open door to the Taliban if they choose to stop killing and live by the Afghan constitution.

Stoltenberg said Qatar and the United Arab Emirates may also contribute troops. "We appreciate their commitment to stabilising the South Asia region", he said.

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