Democrats sweep Virginia, New Jersey governor's races

Northam defeated Republican candidate Ed Gillespie. The contests were seen as an early referendum on Donald Trump's first year in office.

John Adams, meet Virginia. Gillespie supports a cut in the state's income tax rate, less gun control and more restrictions on abortions. Half of those who voted in Virginia told pollsters that Trump was major consideration for them - and that led them by a margin of two-to-one to vote for the Democrat.

A total of 43 percent of voters said health care was "very important" in their decision about who to cast their ballot for as governor, according to the Public Policy Polling survey. It would also swing a crucial seat in the U.S. Senate, significantly altering the balance of national power. Gillespie had declined to invite President Trump, who is unpopular in Virginia, to campaign with him, but he had run on Trump's themes.

Hannity then dropped the subject for the rest of his show. "The Republican Party is imploding". Business Insider's Josh Barro summarized this reasoning, arguing: "You can beat the gerrymander without redrawing the map if you win at politics".

Data and history suggest Barro and Bonier are badly mistaken.

One great election day does not a revived party make, but Democrats have to be feeling pretty darn good right now. Virginia's gerrymander did not backfire on Republicans.

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In 2012, Democrats competed heavily in Wisconsin, driving up turnout with a strong ground game. But 2010 gerrymandering gave both state legislative houses to the GOP.

Larry Roberts, who in the past advised former Virginia governor and now Sen.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Fox News' homepage had just two references to the previous day's elections, both relegated to the page's periphery. They won at the polls.

The Democrats big wins didn't stop there.

Elections always are determined by the intensity of the voters. The two parties are twinsies.

In rural Virginia, Edward McKellar, 36, said the improving economy drove him to vote a straight Republican ticket.

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How many of those Democrats would have won if Donald Trump were not the president right now?

"It really is an unprecedented result we're seeing", Virginia House Democratic caucus leader David Toscano said, adding that the last time Democrats picked up more than five seats was 1975.

Meanwhile, advocates are eyeing new efforts to force leaders in other states to expand Medicaid eligibility, including in Idaho and Utah.

Davis, when he was in Congress, chaired the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee. Drawing straight from the gerrymander playbook, GOP mapmakers created a few Democratic "vote sinks", blue districts into which they could pack Democrats. The figure below puts the Republican Party's losses in historical perspective. I have been here for 53 years.

One tipping point was immigration.

Thats not to say that every president has suffered equally. National Democrats also worried Northam had run an unusually dull, centrist, light-on-issues campaign (but honestly: what do we know?).

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