BREAKING: World War 3? Donald Trump backs Saudi Arabia to 'neutralise Iran'

Iran has denied arming the Houthi militants and suggested that the ballistic missile was locally produced. The removal of Prince Miteb bin Abdullah as commander of the Saudi Arabian National Guard and one of the few remaining autonomous sources of authority in the kingdom, was followed swiftly by the detention of at least 11 members of the ruling family and dozens of others, including government ministers and ex-ministers and key figures in the business community.

Washington and Riyadh announced contracts worth more than $380 billion, including a $110 billion arms deal aimed at countering perceived threats from Iran and militants.

On Monday, a Saudi-led military coalition battling Tehran-backed rebels in Yemen said it reserved the "right to respond" to a missile attack on Riyadh at the weekend, calling it a "blatant military aggression by the Iranian regime which may amount to an act of war". The development reflects the rising tensions between Iran and its allies on the one side and Saudi Arabia and its allies on the other.

Iran has now secured a land corridor stretching from Tehran through Iraq and Syria all the way to Lebanon, from where Saudi Arabia hopes it can change the balance of power.

Iran had dismissed the allegation accusing Saudi Arabia of "war crimes".

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Saudi Arabia's crown prince said Iran's supply of rockets to militias in Yemen is an act of "direct military aggression" that could be an act of war, state media reported on Tuesday.

The billionaire Prince, who is thought to be the richest man in the Middle East, is currently being held at the five-star Ritz Carlton with the prisoners. She said the missile used on Saturday may also have been Iranian.

In Yemen, Saudi Arabia is in a quagmire, unable to defeat the Houthi rebels.

At the heart of this delicate equilibrium was the long-serving governor of Riyadh, the current King Salman, who as the keeper of internal family records and the enforcer of discipline performed duties akin to a political chief whip.

"We have seen how the coalition closed Sanaa airport in 2016 and that airport remains closed".

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As of Saturday, the World Health Organization was reporting that more than 900,000 suspected cases of cholera have been reported since late April in Yemen, where years of war and privation have debilitated the infrastructure and medical system.

The missile, fired towards King Khalid International Airport, was shot down by the Saudi air defense forces, with fragments landing in an uninhabited area north of the capital.

"The United States is committed to containing Iran's destabilizing actions and will not turn a blind eye to these serious violations of international law by the Iranian regime". The Saudi-led coalition controls Yemen's airspace but has made little progress on the ground, where the fighting has been stalemated for more than a year.

The coalition said aid workers and humanitarian supplies would continue to be able to access and exit Yemen despite the temporary closure of ports but the United Nations said it was not given approval for two scheduled humanitarian flights on Monday.

And that's not to mention the food shortage that has ravaged Yemeni civilians, leaving 2 million children "acutely malnourished & at grave risk of dying", according to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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"While certainly yes, countries have the right to act in their own self defence and take measures to protect themselves, they don't have the right to do things which are disproportionate", said Kristine Beckerle, Yemen researcher for Human Rights Watch.

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