Conor McGregor Rumored For Wrestlemania 34 Appearance

Michael Bisping believes Conor McGregor would face a much tougher opponent in Tony Ferguson for his UFC return rather than a third bout with Nate Diaz.

Despite a switch to boxing for a megafight with Floyd Mayweather Jr that ended in defeat, the Irishman remains one of the biggest draws in MMA. But also in every reality, we want the fans to have the fight, and I think the fans deserve it, straight up, because he's the next one in line, and Khabib (Nurmagomedov) is not there. It's the trilogy, the first two fights, the back and forth between the guys and the way the fights went. His style is, you know, it's not traditional.

It would be a different sort of wrestling to the grappling McGregor is used to in the octagon, but the Dublin fighter has been a lifelong fan of WWE, particularly Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair. Because if you go to 170, if you go to 185, or even if you drop to 145, I will f*cking follow you, Conor, and I will haunt your f*cking dreams, kid, and I will come after you.

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"I just want to see him back in there sooner rather than later".

"But this time it looks like a deal is going to be locked into place". Where Diaz, like, Conor was landing all the shots on Diaz as well and all the other stuff that we came up with worked against Diaz, it's just he kept coming and coming and coming and coming.

At the beginning of the year McGregor said the WWE had shown interest in getting him involved, but due to his training for his professional boxing debut, was forced to turn them down. I think it'll be a good fight as well, it would be an interesting fight and yeah, but I don't know what's next. So yeah, I think that's what's going to happen.

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"This is a tough fight for him".

"El Cucuy" unsurprisingly called out McGregor in an expletive-laden rant after that third-round submission at T-Mobile Arena, persevering with his irksome "McNuggets" nickname and urging his rival to either defend his belt or vacate it.

On if Diaz would walk away if he didn't get his money: "Maybe [Diaz]'s just using that as a negotiation tactic but I think if he doesn't get what he wants he'll say, 'F**k it, I'm not fighting then, ' and unfortunately, there is another good fight there with Ferguson vs. McGregor". I mean compared to what UFC rules state, he's got a year to start defending his belt.

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