Sanders: Clinton's Book Tour Is Showing Why America Elected Trump

Hillary said, "I'm hoping that, the people who have a mature view of the exercise of power, when it comes to something like North Korea, life or death, when it comes to something that would be incredibly stupid, given North Korea, pulling out of the Iran deal so we'd have a second nuclear crisis to contend with, I'm hoping on the really big issues, there's enough authority to be able to restrain and contain the president".

The president followed that up with a second tweet a few minutes later.

Hillary Clinton recently wrote a book.

"The 'deplorables' came back to haunt Hillary.They expressed their feelings loud and clear".

Iranian Delegation Visits Rohingya Refugee Camp in Bangladesh
It was also to send a strong message against the Myanmar government's treatment of the mostly Muslim minority Rohingya. The needs of the children include food and nutritional support, basic health care and psychological counseling.

Hillary Clinton continues to untangle her devastating election loss to Donald Trump last year.

The former secretary of state also called to abolish the Electoral College which Trump won and she lost. But until Wednesday, the president had appeared to tone down his criticism of Clinton in recent weeks.

"Domestically, to our institutions of democracy, our self-governance, our rule of law", she charged. I was focused on the technical details, getting the face just right, and on the layout.

While speaking to CNN, she said, "I think it needs to be eliminated".

'María', la nueva tormenta tropical que amenaza al Caribe
Según el boletín de las 5:00 p.m., el sistema se encuentra en la latitud 12.3 grados norte y la longitud 52.6 grados oeste. Vincent significa que las islas podrían sentir los efectos de este fenómeno dentro de las próximas 48 horas.

Ms Clinton's joke was well received by twitterati as it got over 127 thousand likes, 35,000 retweets and swarming response on the micro blogging site.

In true calm, cool, collected style, Clinton didn't take Trump's bait, and instead offered back a smart, thoughtful rebuke.

"He also told some people that the real reason he jumped into the middle of the case in July is he thought the Russians had an email between the [Democratic National Committee] and the Department of Justice trying to rig the Clinton investigation".

Clinton during a presidential debate in 2016 with now-president Donald Trump.

Comité político del PLD discute posición sobre ley de partidos
Posteriormente retomarán las discusiones sobre el proyecto de ley de partidos, que, según sectores, mantiene dividida a esta organización.

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