[OP-ED]: The Art of the Bluff

But he added that the military's job was to provide "viable military options in the event that deterrence fails". In a speech on Tuesday to mark the anniversary of the end of the Second World War, he said: 'Our government will put everything on the line to prevent another war on the Korean Peninsula.

The North has always denounced the drills as provocative rehearsals for invasion and has in the past offered a moratorium on further nuclear and missile testing in exchange for their cancellation - a trade-off promoted by Pyongyang's main ally China, but repeatedly rejected by Washington and Seoul.

Kim said that he would "watch a little more the foolish and stupid conduct of the Yankees" before executing any order.

The first rule is the obligation of notification. China is no longer North Korea's certain shield. This obligation is heightened when a country is sending missiles outside its sovereign territory.

"Germany has an embassy in Pyongyang and there is a North Korean embassy in Berlin". It is yet to officially notify Japan or the US about its plans to fire missiles towards Guam.

On Aug. 14, China announced it will begin supporting UN sanctions on North Korea, barring imports from North Korea of iron, lead, and coal, beginning on Aug. 15.

Lobos TV, la alternativa de la BUAP
En entrevista con el diario Cancha, el directivo de la institución explicó que se estudia la propuesta de Televisa para que el encuentro tenga transmisión, sin embargo tampoco aseguró nada porque indicó que en las próximas 48 horas se tomará la decisión definitiva.

In spite of the negative signs coming from North Korea, experts who had negotiated with the regime, among them Mitchell Reiss, President and CEO of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, maintain that the North Koreans are not crazy or irrational.

John Delury of Yonsei University in Seoul said Kim was "de-escalating, putting Guam plan on ice" - at least for now.

"The strategic environment is becoming harsher and we need to discuss how we will respond to that", a Japanese foreign ministry official said in a briefing in Tokyo.

However, tensions began to ease in Guam after Pyongyang's official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that Kim had examined plans to fire missiles near Guam, but made no move towards an immediate strike.

There may be a reason for that.

As a result of these dangers, South Korea's new government is moving forward with the deployment of U.S. Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense against the threat.

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But historical ties between the former communist East Germany and Pyongyang could give Berlin a special role. The maritime boundaries recognised under international law include three main circles: the territorial sea, the contiguous zone and the exclusive economic zone.

Starting August 21, tens of thousands of troops from both countries will participate in air, sea, and land exercises that they believe deter aggressive North Korea action. Today is an historic day for the Korean peninsular.

The report came after US Defence Secretary James Mattis warned that if North Korea fired on US territory it would be "game on". For example, after the conclusion of the Agreed Framework, North Korea flight-tested a Taepodong-1 missile test in 1998.

Ambassador Jean-Pierre Leng (left) and Japan's Ambassador Koichi Haraguchi at a meeting of KEDO, to fulfill terms of the 1994 U.S. -North Korean Agreed Framework.

The likelihood of Trump withstanding these provocations with regards to notification, trajectory and impact zones, is about the same as Kim Jong-un doing the same if he were presented with a similar scenario.

"Peace will not come to the Korean Peninsula by force".

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