Motorola is working on a display glass that heals itself

The self-repairing screen is said to come covered with a polymer material. The invention involves a "memory" glass-like polymer, probably a kind of plastic, which "remembers" its shape and can move to restore it if conditions are met. On the software side, the phone will actually detect when there is a crack on the screen and will open up a prompt to start the healing process. The brand that invented the cell phone as we know it today has always stood out as one of the few Midwest-based tech companies in an industry largely dominated by Silicon Valley. Speaking of displays, Motorola recently came in the news for the Moto Z2 Force's 'Jelly Like' scrolling effect, similar to what was found with the OnePlus 5 smartphone as well.

According to a patent published Aug. 16, Motorola is working on self-healing phone screens. "The glue underneath the paint doesn't harden, it stays in a fluid state which helps the film to recover from something such as a nasty scratch". Apparently, the heat from the phone will be applied to "smart-glass" from within. This comparison led to the discovery that the Lenovo device refreshes in the opposite direction to that of the Galaxy S8+, further reinforcing that the inverted screen is the main cause of the issue.

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Motorola has yet to respond to the complaints, so it remains to be seen whether, like OnePlus, the firm will shrug off the glitch as "natural".

Earlier this year, in April, Business Insider reported that the Chemists at the University of California, Riverside, created a new materiel for a self-healing smartphone.

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Marchena notes that the Z2 Force isn't the first Motorola smartphone to suffer this glitch, with users having also complained about wobbly scrolling on the US-only Droid Turbo. It's not clear how Motorola plans to solve this, anyway, since it's a hardware issue.

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