Henry: Arsenal have stagnated

In the case of Olivier Giroud, however, the converse seems to be true.

Lacazette scored 28 Ligue 1 goals in 30 appearances for Lyon last season. All people want to talk about is the defense, and Henry is unfortunately no different.

The Gunners haven't won the Premier League title since Henry, Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires helped to fire the north London club to a famous unbeaten campaign. Italy battered Spain last year with the somewhat underwhelming duo of Graziano Pelle and Eder up front. He wasn't just a goalscorer either. If you don't apply pressure well you will be exposed in a back three. When I go to the Emirates and I watch the game, it's 'Yes!' when we have the ball and 'No!' when the opposition does.

'When the big man [Sanchez] comes back and hopefully he is going to come back soon, Alexis Sanchez, he is going to play on the left.

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The Gunners kicked off the 2017-18 English Premier League soccer season in exhilarating fashion, twice coming from behind to snatch a dramatic 4-3 win over the Foxes at the Emirates.

So if you see no change when the back line is a hodgepodge of whoever is available, then great! Since his arrival in 2012, Wenger has attempted (unsuccessfully) to buy Gonzalo Higuain, Luis Suarez and Jamie Vardy, suggesting a desire to play in a different way.

Therefore, the tale of Lacazette and Giroud is essentially one of modern club and international football.

Moreover, France almost always face opponents that don't have the confidence to push up the pitch and engage with them in midfield, instead retreating to the safety of their own penalty box. That's not what he does.

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En el adelanto de la entrevista, se aprecia cómo Barker tiene una actitud despectiva con la conductora . El odio es contra quien no represente lo que ellos creen que representan", enfatizó.

"What bothers me the most is I think that team on paper is good enough to compete every year to win the league".

"Granit Xhaka has it in his locker to play that ball over the top", Henry told Sky Sports News.

"And you could see that this team has quality and is used to playing together, but [we had] 70 per cent possession with 27 shots on goal. [Olivier] Giroud can offer a lot and he showed that [against Leicester] but I would love to see the partnership that Sanchez and Lacazette can create".

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry admits he sees something of the Gunners' legendary Invincibles side in this new-look Manchester United team this season.

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'Why do you want to play what I call "the Arsenal ball" to the winger who comes in the pocket?

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