Google blesses Camera app with selfie flash option

Pair great hardware with a barely usable camera app and you're phone is sure to get ignored. Since most smartphones don't have a flash built in to the front-facing shooter, Google Camera mitigates this by adding a manila-toned slab right as your selfie is taken, which is supposed to help produce a little extra light in dimmer settings. Before this existed, you had to use the zoom bar. Although, the feature doesn't offer automatic white-balancing like the iPhone's camera, but it's still a good option to brighten up your selfie.

But the Google Camera app just got a major update, including a much-wanted selfie flash.

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It's not perfect, mind you.

The new update also brings few more shortcut gestures, such as double tap to zoom, swipe to toggle between taking photos and shooting videos. Double tap to automatically zoom in and back out. Sadly, those numbers seem to be fixed and there's no way to customize that.

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A Ukrainian developer on 4PDA named 'B-S-G,' presumably a Battlestar Galactica fan, has created a modified version of the Google Camera 4.4 APK bundled with Android O DP3 (not the version just released on the Play Store). While the latest version is now available outside of Android O preview, it requires at least Android version 7.1. While there aren't huge updates, the small refining touches to the camera's UI should make things a bit easier when it comes to taking photos and videos. The usual security disclaimers apply.

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