Samsung Galaxy S9 May Use 'Stacked' Motherboard To Accommodate Bigger Battery

Samsung is introducing a new model for its Galaxy S8 smartphone line featuring a metal frame, larger battery and shatter-resistant screen. This has been something which has been ready for quite a while but OEMs are still waiting for the technology to be used in more phones before they finally introduce them in their flagships. SLP is a next-generation board that is applied with semiconductor package technology and this is the first time Samsung Electronics is applying SLP to its products.

SLP is a natural evolution of current PCB technology, and Samsung would likely make use of it even without Apple leading the way. Considering Samsung Display is manufacturing the OLED display for the iPhone 8, the company will be well aware of what features will and won't be present in the display.

Reportedly, Apple, which was expected to introduce this feature in their iPhone 8 smartphones too, has decided to push it by a year and would instead introduce it with their 2018 iPhone device.

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For a long time, the smartphone mainboards have remained roughly the same size even as the application processors continue to get smaller.

It is heard that there are actually about 10 companies that are currently supplying HDI to Samsung Electronics. This results in additional battery life that will surely be appreciated by consumers. As number of demands for TSPs that were supplied from outside is starting to disappear, size of related markets for parts and materials is expected to be reduced.

Just like batteries, the main board of phones haven't seen much change.

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With the Galaxy S9, we should hope for better things to come as far as improved battery timings are concerned.

Samsung is increasing the production of Y-OCTA screens to meet the massive demand. This display, which is called Y-OCTA, does not need TSP (Touch Screen Panel). This will undoubtedly add to the appeal of the impending smartphone.

The Galaxy S9's motherboard may be stacked per industry insiders. PCB manufacturers are expected to see the same trend as Samsung switches to SLP.

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