Eight killed after Senegal soccer stadium wall collapse and stampede, witnesses say

Those at the event said fighting broke out late Saturday between rival fans of US Ouakam and Stade de Mbour, and the wall at the Demba Diop stadium in Dakar collapsed as police also fired tear gas.

In the melee, part of a wall collapsed onto both sets of fans.

Pictures were posted on social media appearing to show fans climbing over a low wall, with gas clouds in the air.

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He said an investigation will be opened into the incident.

Cheikh Maba Diop, whose friend was killed, told the AFP news agency: "All of a sudden when the wall fell. we knew exactly that some of our own had lost their lives because the wall fell directly on to people".

The crowd then panicked and people were crushed in the movement, leading to the drama.

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The collapse of the wall came amidst violence between two sets of supporters after the final whistle, and a further 49 people were injured.

Eight people have been confirmed as dead and at least 50 seriously injured in the confusion following the game in the Senegalese capital. "What I find terrible is that we have this kind of final in this kind of stadium here where there isn't enough security", he said.

No sports or cultural events will take place in the west African nation until after the elections on 30 July as the government attempts to avoid a repeat of the weekend's tragedy.

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