China Blacklists Winnie the Pooh

Beloved children's cartoon character Winnie the Pooh has run afoul of China's internet censors, the BBC's China Blog reported Monday.

The bear's crime is that, in Chinese eyes, he has a striking resemblance to President Xi.

If you also thought that putting a ban on Muslims names in the country was an insecure move of China, then wait for this news.

However, it is not just on Weibo that the images have been censored.

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"I think the Winnie issue is part of this trend".

Clearly visible on the laptop screen were the personal details of 31 women who had given birth at the North Middlesex University Hospital, and, because his post wasn't restricted to his friends, it was visible to everyone on Facebook - for more than a week. Nevertheless, user-generated GIFs of the slow-witted bear with a weakness for honey are still available in the popular messaging app. These memes, illustrations and GIFs comparing the China President to slow-witted, good-natured bear are slowly wiped off the internet. It was soon taken down by censors.

Obviously not every instance of Winnie the Pooh online would have to do with President Xi, but bloggers have been using him to make references to the president. Another Pooh-Xi comparison became China's most censored image of 2015 according to political consultancy Global Risk Insights.

Xi has apparently grown tired of the simile.

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Chinese social media users have long relied on euphemisms such as the Pooh-Xi joke to skirt the country's strict censorship system.

Many Chinese media users tested the boundaries of the restrictions imposed on this bear.

Winnie the Pooh was created in 1924 by A.A. Milne, who was inspired by a Canadian black bear at the London Zoo that was named Winnie after it was found near Winnipeg by its owner, Harry Colebourn.

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