'No Plans' for Destiny 2 on Nintendo Switch

Unlike the first version, Destiny 2 will be getting a PC release and it was confirmed back in March 2017, even though we know now that we will have to wait for it to come out.

When will Destiny 2 be released? Many people were definitely expecting a Steam release for the game and will be disappointed.

Ever since Destiny 2 was announced for the PC, there was the question of what store it would be hosted on. Now Bungie can tap their true vision for the series and create a game that we should've received back in 2014, a game with a compelling story arc replete with interesting characters, a game that has new worlds like Saturn's moon Titan, Jupiter's moon Io, a odd Vex-controlled world called Nessus, and a region on Earth that isn't Old Russia (this time we can explore the European Dead Zone!).

He also added that while he can not confirm exactly when the PC version will drop, he hopes to have the date set "in the coming weeks".

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Un funcionario de la Casa Blanca dijo que Trump está considerando a 11 personas para el cargo, que requiere la confirmación del Senado, donde los republicanos son mayoría.

That's a nice sentiment, but it turns out that players who want Destiny 2 "as soon as possible" will probably have to resign themselves to the console versions. Players still earn in-game items for their characters by going on missions and completing them. It also makes sense for a game like Destiny, which has plenty of MMO elements.

Above: Destiny 2 begins with the destruction of everything players fought to protect in Destiny 1.

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The company also revealed new gameplay footage and the new powerful Guardian powers.

Citizen/King: LeBron James Wins NBA Citizenship Award
This year, James and Akron Public Schools would create a school for the students who need the mentoring his foundation provides. In addition, he has bought groceries, supplied uniforms and arranged outings to expose the youngsters new experiences.

He also says in the video the game looked great and ran really smooth on PC, the keyboard and mouse controls felt natural, and the only complaint Arekkz had, was he would liked to have remapped certain abilities. Perhaps we can look forward to a list of PC specifications around E3?

Destiny 2 is an upcoming online-only multiplayer first person shooter that is being developed by Bungie as the official sequel to Destiny.

Before the release of Destiny it was looking like a big new universe for scifi fans.

The original Destiny has an terrible story ... at least I think it's bad. Here are all the details on the Destiny Beta 2: output and how to participate for the version of PS4, Xbox One and PC, and content of the test phase.

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Dando un vuelco a la crisis política brasileña con su contraataque, Temer lanzó fuertes acusaciones contra Batista que, según él, cometió "el crimen perfecto".

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