Putin: Russian people will choose Khalife through the ballot box

Russian Federation on Wednesday blocked UN Security Council condemnation of Pyongyang's latest missile test - even though China, which has a major frontier with North Korea had backed the strongly-worded statement put forward by the United States. This is the only rational explanation for the deployment of troops and equipment to the 11-mile border between Russian Federation and North Korea.

Video shows a train packed with military equipment allegedly hurtling towards the border with the rogue state.

In the latest sign of the Kremlin's abrupt about-face on its erstwhile American hero, Kiselyov pronounced Trump "more dangerous" than his North Korean counterpart. Other reports suggest there have been military moves by road as well.

Polls suggest state TV's U-turn over Trump has filtered through to the public, most of whom get their news from TV.

"China is unswerving in its commitment to realizing the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, maintaining the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula, and continue to solve matters through dialogue and negotiations", Lu continued.

The successor to the Russian president can only be determined by the Russian people through a free, democratic election, Vladimir Putin said.

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"If the situation worsens, especially related to military events, the armed forces of all the neighbouring countries obviously monitor it more closely, and we are no exception".

The institute is run by retired senior Russian foreign intelligence officials appointed by Putin's office.

"The world is a hair's breadth from nuclear war", said Kiselyov.

However, a missile test carried out on Sunday reportedly failed after the missile exploded seconds after launch. -Russian relations are said to be at a low point, but we shouldn't necessarily take that seriously.

He called for a "demonstration of responsibility" from all sides to avoid escalation.

Russian state television has claimed US President Donald Trump is more risky than North Korea's supreme commander, Kim Jong-Un, in an apparent indication that Moscow's opinion of the Republican has shifted.

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"It seems, that in their conspiratorial consciousness the authors of this conceit did not weigh reality against their coveted fantasies, in order to once again draw attention to the theme of Russia's "participation" in the pre-election campaign in the United States", said RISS Director Mikhail Fradkov.

On Monday, U.S. fighter pilots intercepted two Russian bombers flying in global airspace off the coast of Alaska. It was now heading for the Western Pacific as ordered, it said.

Thousands of goose-stepping troops paraded through Pyongyang in a show of strength on Saturday.

US President Donald Trump's honeymoon with Russian Federation would appear to be over.

Russian Federation urged the avoid any unilateral use of force against North Korea, warning this would be a highly unsafe step.

Kiselyov added Kim Jong-un was less scary than the USA president because he was ready for talks, had not attacked other countries, and had not sent a naval armada to the U.S. coast.

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En la actualidad, este poderoso proyectil se encuentra descansando en silencio en los arsenales de la Fuerza Aérea rusa . Para describir el poder destructivo de la bomba , Rushkin detalló que " todo ser vivo es, literalmente, vaporizado ".

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