Pence, on U.S. carrier, pledges to defend Asia

The White House Foreign Policy Adviser travelling with Mr. Pence told reporters that the type of missile that North Korea tried to fire on Sunday was medium-range, and that it exploded about 4 to 5 seconds after it was launched.

Mattis did not identify the type of missile but said it was not of intercontinental range, meaning it could not reach USA territory.

"We want to send an unambiguous message especially to North Korea that any attempt to use weapons of any kind against our allies in this region or American forces overseas will be defeated and will be met with overwhelming force", Pence said in an interview with CNN.

"It is our belief by bringing together the family of nations with diplomatic and economic pressure we have a chance of achieving a freeze on the Korean Peninsula", Mr Pence said, according to the Associated Press.

Pence will meet with Indonesian President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo earlier in the day during his first trip to the country. He will aim to reassure allies in South Korea and Japan that the US will take appropriate steps to defend them against North Korean aggression.

Pence visits youth baseball players in Japan
The announcement followed an inaugural meeting Tuesday of the U.S. -Japan Economic Dialogue in Tokyo chaired by visiting U.S. Third, defending the United States against a major Russian or Chinese ballistic missile attack is now not feasible.

“The United States is troubled by Chinas economic retaliation against South Korea for taking appropriate steps to defend itself, ” he said.

Speaking aboard the USS Ronald Reagan, a Nimitz class aircraft carrier undergoing scheduled maintenance at its home port of Yokosuka, Pence said USA intentions remained unwavering in the face of the threat posed by the reclusive North, which has conducted a series of missile and nuclear tests in defiance of United Nations sanctions, most recently with a failed missile launch on Sunday.

The Trump administration has signalled a more forceful USA stance toward North Korea's recent missile tests and threats, including a warning from Trump that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has "gotta behave".

"Despite the strong ties between the USA and Korea, we have to honest about where our trade relationship is".

With Kim Jong Un's regime conducting a steady stream of ballistic missile launches and signs of activity around its nuclear test site, the Trump Administration has raised the rhetoric on possible military action to stop it in its tracks. "We certainly recognize that that was a failed missile test". Lu said Beijing wants to resume the multi-party negotiations that ended in stalemate in 2009 and suggested that US plans to deploy a missile defense system in South Korea were damaging its relations with China.

Neil Robertson to face Marco Fu at the World Championship
The 2010 world champion has pulled the plug on his console addiction to focus on landing a second Crucible title. Then Robertson opened up about the obsession with gaming that he believes has held him back on the snooker table.

"I think at the 100-day marker, the American people are going to conclude what I have concluded: President (Donald) Trump is off to a great start".

The Pacific Command statement said the Carl Vinson canceled a scheduled visit to Australia after leaving Singapore on April 8, but completed a shortened training exercise off northwestern Australia before heading north. "The game that Trump is trying to play requires extremely careful coordination where they are attempting to use the threat of armed forces as a political instrument".

"Why would I call China a currency manipulator when they are working with us on the North Korean problem?"

"They are listening", Bash first posed to the Vice President in Tokyo, Japan.

Last week, President Trump said he was sending an "armada" to the Korean Peninsula as a show of force. Recent satellite imagery suggests the country could conduct another underground nuclear test at any time.

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