Mexican ex-governor evaded justice with help of accomplices

After being detained for one of the biggest corruption scandals in Mexico, former governor of the state of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, is now awaitig extradition after more than five months being a fugitive. Interpol joined the search and the Mexican government offered a reward of about $811,000 for his capture.

In their investigation of Duarte, the authorities have seized property and businesses purportedly tied to him, and have frozen scores of bank accounts.

Garcia Harfuch did not provide the names of the people helping Duarte from Mexico City.

Orsi reported from Mexico City.

Last month, investigators discovered a mass grave in the state containing hundreds of human skulls; the condition of the remains suggested that the victims might have been killed years ago.

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Police raided Duarte's luxury Las Mesas ranch, built in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, in December and found 17 paintings believed to be by famous artists.

Javier Duarte, a former governor of Veracruz state, is accused of corruption, involvement in organized crime and embezzling millions.

Mexico filed its extradition request later that night.

Public disgust with corruption also contributed to electoral losses for the president's party in elections for governor past year, including in Veracruz, where the PRI had governed uninterrupted for more than eight decades. "Let there be no mercy for those who were merciless to the people of Veracruz".

The detention comes a week after Tomas Yarrington, the former governor of Mexico's Tamaulipas state, was arrested in Italy, also on allegations of organised crime and money laundering. He is not related to Javier Duarte.

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Following his arrest on Saturday, Duarte's former party and Mexico's ruling Institutional Revolution Party (PRI) sought to distance itself from Duarte and applauded the arrest.

The party, which expelled Javier Duarte on October 25, 2016, and has sought to distance itself from him, applauded the arrest. The dead include at least 16 journalists slain in Veracruz during his six years in office.

Lorenzo Meyer, a political scientist and historian at Mexico's National Autonomous University, said Duarte's capture would likely serve as a boost for Mexico's president, Enrique Pena Nieto, whose popularity has fallen dramatically over the past couple years.

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