As rail woes persist, Christie mum on tunnel project he axed

They predicted that without supporting the modernization and expansion of the system, the federal government will suffer economic growth and lessen the quality of life in America's most densely populated and economically productive region. Booker, Sen. Bob Menendez (both D) and the two US senators from NY have all been calling on Trump to fund the project as part of his campaign pledge to fund infrastructure upgrades.

Beyond his fiscal stewardship of NJ Transit, Christie is often blamed for single-handedly canceling an $8.7 billion tunnel project known as the Access to the Region's Core that would have linked NY and New Jersey and added extra capacity for the region's growing commuter base.

In recent weeks, the region's fragile rail infrastructure was tested three times, with two Amtrak derailments at Penn Station in NY and a powerless New Jersey Transit train stranded in the tunnel with 1,200 passengers aboard for three hours. A Government Accountability Office report later disputed those numbers. "I've already spoken to the president about this".

"The president is well aware of my point of view on this project and I absolutely will continue to speak my mind on this, both publicly and privately", Christie said moments before Booker ended the news conference.

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Andrew Cuomo, and NY and New Jersey hope to retain the government funding promised by the Obama administration to move forward with the $20 billion proposed Gateway Tunnel project, expected to double train capacity beneath the Hudson River and reduce the impact should another Superstorm Sandy knock an existing tunnel out of commission.

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Lautenberg, the longtime Democratic senator and transportation advocate, predicted that Christie's decision would eventually be seen as "one of the biggest public policy blunders in New Jersey history".

Christie and Booker say they've invited Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao for a visit. Newark Penn Station is the busiest in New Jersey.

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Once reporters started asking questions, Booker urged them to focus not on any of the prior decisions, but those that need to be made going forward to ensure that the ongoing commuting problems are addressed. "I don't think there would be reason necessarily for the president to extend it, if we do our jobs the right way and bring him a set of recommendations for him to act decide whether he wanted to act upon". "I don't want to keep revisiting history". Booker, then serving as Newark's mayor, was one of the earliest supporters of Christie's push to establish a new cap on local property tax hikes.

It would have added a second tunnel to augment the current, 110-year-old tunnel.

"In the end, I just want them to do their job".

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