A Transgender Man Was Outed On Survivor By Another Contestant

Interestingly, this Survivor episode ended without a Tribal Council vote but one Survivor ousted from the game.

Controversy duly ensued among the contestants as to the ethics of Varner's behavior were discussed. The victor will take home $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor. This season's episodes were filmed last summer in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji.

Survivor Game Changers looks to shift the focus away from this controversy next week with a two-hour episode airing at 8 p.m. ET next Wednesday.

"I'm not wild about you knowing that I'm trans".

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Varner said he wished fans could have seen the whole, unedited tribal council to give his words more context. "I was the same way; I think Zeke was the same way", Probst said. He said that keeping it quiet was a deception.

Jeff Varner attempted to save himself by casting suspicion on other "Survivor" tribe mates, including Zeke Smith.

In the tense tribal council, which was taped a year ago, Smith explained that he didn't mention that he was transgender because he didn't want to be known as "the trans Survivor player. After 18 days starving and competing with me, they knew exactly the man I am, and after that Tribal Council, we all knew exactly the man Varner is". "I feel like I've got to throw everything at the wall".

The backlash from viewers at home was swift, and across social media outraged LGBT advocates condemned Varner's actions as "low", an "act of violence" and the "worst thing anybody has done in 34 seasons". "I advocate on behalf of transgender people in the state of North Carolina".

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And as his tribe members remained defiant and united against his dirty trick, Varner began to slowly realize the grave mistake he had made. Even though the men were able to hug it out as Jeff rightfully was voted off, the Brooklyn-based asset manager still has lingering thoughts about if the openly gay former TV newsman is transphobic. In an interview, he thanked CBS for its on-camera handling of the incident.

CBS has not publicly commented on the matter despite some saying the moment never should have aired in the first place. "It's tough with Varner", Zeke tells PEOPLE.

Of the experience, Zeke added: "It's important people see he lost that fight". "There's absolutely no way to excuse it or justify it, and now he's trying to make this a moment to do his part to say this is what happens when you make a careless remark that you don't think much about, the kind of damage it can do".

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