Microsoft introduces Windows 10 Creators Update

The creators of Microsoft Windows 10 has released Insider preview build 15002 with plenty of changes and new features, although the exact release date for public to download is only pegged for early 2017 at this time. A new Windows setup experience is coming to make it easier for users to choose the settings that are right for them. Windows 10 users can expect more changes to the operating system later this year. Once you make use of the function only your personal files and the more important Windows settings are kept as they are. In addition, the company is making updates to the update experience by providing the ability to pause updates and to include driver updates, as well as a new icon to the Windows updating settings. However, from the image of the menu, it appears that all the data collection settings are toggled on by default.

Microsoft originally made the controversial decision to make Windows 10 an OS that automatically updates, without giving the user an option to postpone.

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Diagnostic data collection will be simplified in the Creators Update, going from three levels to just two - Basic and Full.

EFF further attacked Microsoft's argument that it will not be able to provide security for users who are opting to use the lowest level of usage data collection. In this dashboard, you can review all your activity data that is collected when you use various Microsoft products and services.

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Numerous privacy-focused changes to Windows 10 appear to address concerns raised by the French privacy watchdog, the chair of the National Data Protection Commission, last year. This included a hefty rebuke from the French National Data Protection Commission. The company's latest changes are clearly created to address some of these concerns, but we'll have to wait until the Creators Update is available in April to see whether Microsoft has truly addressed all of the EFF's concerns.

Window updates are probably the most annoying thing in the world. "Next, we'll focus on adding support for strict-dynamic from the CSP3 spec to enable developers and site administrators to reduce their reliance on whitelists and tighten their CSP implementations", Microsoft says. "Though we'd need to examine the concrete details more, today's announcement shows that Microsoft paid attention".

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