NASA's Juno Sends First Picture Of Jupiter From Gas Planet's Orbit

This image from NASA's Juno spacecraft shows some of the first images taken by JunoCam 2.7 million miles away from Jupiter.

Juno will take a couple of months to re-position itself for 37 looping orbits around the planet's poles, coming at closest approach to about 2,600 miles (4,100 kilometers) above Jupiter's cloud tops.

Just when you thought the hype around the Juno spacecraft has died down, the mission has started producing the first images of Jupiter.

NASA's Juno probe made history last week when it successfully entered into Jupiter's orbit after a solitary five-year journey to space. Even at that distance, Jupiter's Great Red Spot - a centuries-old atmospheric storm - was visible.

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Mission scientists also announce that onboard scientific equipment on Juno are still in good health despite Jupiter's massive and highly unsafe magnetic fields around the planet, that can cause intense radiation to fry up these instruments.

JunoCam is not considered one of the mission's science instruments.

JunoCam, as the scientists have dubbed it, fired up six days after its arrival at Jupiter on July 4.

Juno is on a 53.5-day orbit of Jupiter, and right now it's swinging out and away from the planet's surface.

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The snapshot has relieved scientists who anxious that Jupiter's radioactive environment may have damaged Juno's equipment, the BBC reported.

JunoCam is a colour, visible-light camera created to capture remarkable pictures of Jupiter's poles and cloud tops. The first will be taken on August 27, when Juno makes its next close pass to the planet.

"We're quite pleased that we survived going through Jupiter orbit insertion", said Candice Hansen-Koharcheck, a scientist at the Planetary Science Institute, Tucson who is responsible for the operation of the camera.

Juno's main mission is to study Jupiter's magnetic field as well as its internal composition and structure.

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Juno's mission is now scheduled to end in February 2018, with an worldwide death dive into Jupiter's thick atmosphere.

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